€70 per batch

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Follow-up emails begin at least four weeks after applications are submitted.



€30 + €1 per kita

Decide later!
Expand the search to a minumum of 15 and a maximum of 50 additional kitas.

less stress, More snuggles

We relieve you of the most time-consuming part of the kita search - we research your neighbourhood, make a list of kitas in your area, narrow the search based on your requirements, and submit 50+ strong and complete applications that help you stand out. Applications are written in German and are submitted according to each kita's instructions.


After applications are submitted, you get access to the Follow-up Handbook so you can confidently move forward on your own. The Follow-up Handbook includes a spreadsheet where you can track responses, instructions on how to submit Kita-Navigator applications, templates to help you respond to emails from kitas and send follow-up messages in German, and tips on where to find childcare until you find a kita spot.

Or, if you're short on time or patience, we'd be happy to provide ongoing support with add-on services.


I’m really happy about this service!

The communication was fast and smooth and the service was quick and organised. As a new mama I was getting increasingly stressed about falling behind on the kita applications, and now only a few days later I have applied to more than 50 kitas. I’ve also been given all the tools I need to follow up and continue on my own.

Maryanne from Norway

amy from "Kita Applications" has been super helpful for us

in searching for a kita spot. We couldn't have come up with such a cute and creative application that was created by Amy. We now at least get responses from the Kitas (a few on the waiting list and a few negative responses so far which is understandable considering we have a winter baby) which we did not receive earlier. Though we don't have a spot yet, we are very happy with the thoroughly professional service. Highly recommend and will definitely avail the follow up service too.

Manisha from the USA

All communication was wonderfully personal

and Amy sent the applications out so fast!! Thank you again!

Katie from the USA

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