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What is a Kita-Gutschein?

Kitas use your Kita-Gutschein to get the appropriate funding for your spot. Your Kita-Gutschein determines how many hours per day your child is eligible for care at a kita or a Tageseltern.


Your kita applications are much stronger if you have already received (or applied for) your Kita-Gutschein, unless it is too early to do so. 

When do I apply for my Kita-Gutschein?

Submit your application between 9 and 2 months before your desired start date. Your baby must be at least 8 weeks old to apply.

How do I apply for my Kita-Gutschein? 

Complete the official form, attach any required documents, and mail your application package to your local Jugendamt. 

Click to start filling your Kita-Gutschein application form online for €25:

Created by Kita Applications to simplify the process:

✔ with English explanations and instructions

✔ strategic tips guide you along the way

✔ print your completed application form in German

✔ get your checklist of all documents required

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