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​You'll receive a questionnaire to compile the information needed to create your application materials. I will create an application template/letter and send it to you for approval. Applications are submitted according to each kita's instructions. After applications are submitted, you can use add-on services for ongoing support or use the included Follow-up Handbook to expand the search, track responses, reply to emails, and follow-up.


There is no magic trick to finding a kita spot. It usually comes down to how many kitas are contacted, following up with those kitas, and patience. I cannot guarantee how quickly you will be offered a spot but I can help you spend more quality time with your little one. I recommend that you continue your own search - looking for postings in windows, asking friends about spaces at the kita where their children attend, and so on.

At this time, the service is suited to families with one or two children. A second child costs an additional 35 euros. Only kitas that accept children in both age groups are contacted.



Most spots become available in August, when the kita year begins. I recommend starting to contact kitas between November and January for an August start date. For start dates other than August, it is a good idea to contact kitas a minimum of 3 to 4 months in advance. However, there is no perfect time since those spots become available on short notice and some kitas do not keep a waitlist. It is a good idea to get on many waitlists as soon as possible and then follow-up as your desired start date approaches.


Kitas use your Kita-Gutschein to get the appropriate funding for your spot. An application package should be mailed to your local Jugendamt.

This application should be submitted between 9 and 2 months before your desired start date.

If your desired start date is between 9 and 2 months from now, please apply for the Kita-Gutschein immediately. It will strengthen your application if we can include this when we submit applications - or at least say that it is underway.



Click here to use a form filler and document checklist created by Kita Applications to simplify the process.

✔ a digital tool with English explanations and instructions

✔ strategic tips on how to fill in the form

✔ print the official application form in German

✔ get your checklist of all documents required

✔ the data entered is deleted when you close the window

Visit to apply on your own.

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